Get a Better Facilities Management Solution

Our services are bespoke to your business.  You only pay for what you need, and you can monitor our service delivery throughout the lifetime of the contract.  Discover our solutions today.  Keep your business fluid and well maintained.

Cost effective facilities management solution

Our facility management services keep your organisation fluid. From creating the best first impressions through landscaping and specialist cleaning services, through to cataloguing and keeping your plant equipment maintained, our services are delivered on time, on budget, and are best in class.

Ensure a professional appearance and image

Our landscaping and cleaning services provide you with the professional image that tells your customers, clients, and visitors that you are here to do business. For your landscaping and cleaning solutions we use only the best, qualified people, who will do a great and discreet job enabling you to do a great job.

Cleaning & maintaining

There is not a structure in existence which cannot be cleaned and maintained by us.  Our abseiling teams can reach the top floor of a skyscraper or an industrial chimney using ropes and a brave heart.  This is the most efficient way to approach tall buildings, as scaffolding is costly and takes time to setup.  Abseil teams can setup with less fuss and inconvenience to do the job.

Turnkey project solutions

We turn your projects and ideas into viable businesses faster.  From design ideas to building installations and furniture supply, we can provide a solution for your whole project.  Spas, cinemas, hotels, retail outlets, are just a few examples of our achievements to date.

Hotel supplies & services

From personnel to furniture to floor coverings, our supplies and services will keep your hotel business running.  Your choices are extensive and all styles are catered for.  Our fabrics and furniture will make your hotel welcoming, comfortable, and memorable in the minds of your guests.

Compliance & security

Our solutions offer best in class maintenance services which can be used as part of your risk management solution.  Your equipment will keep running enabling your organisation to keep online.  Our well trained security guards keep a cool head in tense situations, are thorough in their patrols, and are courteous to your visitors.

Pest Control

We keep your organisation pest free using environmentally friendly products and control measures.  Keep your business pest free and provide a better environment to do business.


Our housekeeping services ensure all your household chores are done, freeing up your time.  Never do the dishes again.